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If you are building a new home, barn, shed, accessory dwelling or any kind of outbuilding, we can help guide the process from start to finish. We offer Design/Build, Construction Management, Integrated Project Delivery with your architect, and Pre-Construction planning from wherever you are in the process. With our knowledge of Passiv Haus and Deep Energy Retrofits, we're equipped to bring cutting-edge building science to our work. We'll help you find the best approach to meet your project goals on time and on budget as we make your dream home or building a reality.


We bring our problem solving skills and attention to detail to any home remodeling project, from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and mudrooms. Our work in creating beautiful and comfortable living spaces includes custom woodworking, cabinetry, tile work and finishes. With our extensive experience with green sourcing, we can help you find sustainable products and materials. Our design/build team will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life with an efficient, thoughtful, and organized construction management process at every step.


If you are planning for new siding, a new roof, or significant interior work on your home, you may have a good opportunity for substantial energy efficiency upgrades during these projects. Deep-Energy Retrofits allow for investments in savings and a more sustainable energy future, while making your home more comfortable and functional. Our design/build team will help assure your Retrofit meets your aesthetic vision and goals. Our green building practices include thoughtful sourcing of materials and finishes, and evaluating all heating and energy systems.


Improving the efficiency of existing homes and buildings is a positive step for the environment and a long-term investment. By Weatherizing our buildings we save energy and money and reduce our carbon footprint, while increasing the comfort and wellbeing of occupants. As BPI certified energy auditors we can help you find opportunities to air-seal and insulate your home, improve mechanical systems, and utilize state financial incentives and loans.


If you want to make efficiency
improvements to your home but aren't 
sure where to start, we can help with an Energy Audit. We'll conduct an in-depth look at your home, including blower-door testing, Infra-Red imaging, ventilation testing, and a proposal for air-sealing and insulation opportunities. For customers trying to reduce energy use over the long term or reach carbon neutrality, we offer energy-use analysis, energy modeling, and mechanical systems consulting.


Our custom woodworking services, which include finish carpentry, cabinetry, counter-tops, built-ins, and tile work, take projects through that final step of creating beautiful and functional interior spaces. Whether a new table or deck made with locally sourced wood, a concrete countertop, custom bookshelves, or wall of wood paneling, our designer-craftsmen can help create your vision. As a green building company we strive to find sustainable sources of wood and materials, while preserving and re-purposing elements at our customers' requests.

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