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Improving the efficiency of existing homes and buildings is a positive step for the environment and a long-term investment. By weatherizing our buildings we save energy and money and reduce our carbon footprint, while increasing the comfort and well-being of occupants.


As BPI certified energy auditors we can help you find opportunities to air-seal and insulate your home, improve mechanical systems, and utilize state financial incentives and loans.

Weatherizaion Services


There are opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of nearly all old and new homes. Increasing efficiency helps homeowners reduce operating costs, while creating cozy, healthy indoor environments. If you're interested in reducing your energy consumption, and want to explore utilizing state financial incentives and loans, get in touch! 

Our Weatherization Services start with an Energy Audit. As BPI certified energy auditors, we'll assess your home for air-sealing and insulation opportunities in the envelope. This work typically focuses on attics, basements, knee walls, and other common areas of weakness in the thermal boundaries — but every house can contain surprises. We credit a portion of the cost of the Audit towards Weatherization work you do with us. We also offer Energy Consulting to help customers become fossil-fuel free.

With our location on the NH / VT border, we help residents of both states find the best ways to improve the performance of their home. Both states help qualifying homeowners save money on weatherization:


​We work with the NH Saves program and the state’s electric utilities to help qualifying homeowners get up to $4,000 in matching funds for efficiency improvements. See if your home qualifies for incentives.



​We are a member of Efficiency VT’s Efficiency Excellence Network and can help Vermont homeowners get up to $2,000 in rebates for efficiency improvements. 

Please contact us for more information:

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